Withdrawal Policies


What If I...

Drop a Class

Dropping classes will affect your SAP.

Drop below Half Time (6 credits)

  • Your PHEAA State Grant may be affected.
  • Your next loan disbursement will be cancelled and your loan will become due.
  • You will lose your work-study position.

Completely Withdraw

If you completely withdraw (officially or unofficially), you may have to repay some of the financial aid funds you received.

Complete Withdrawal Policy

If you completely withdraw (officially or unofficially) the Financial Aid Office is required to calculate the adjusted award amount you are eligible to receive based on your last date of attendance. You may be responsible to return award money for the portion of the semester you did not attend.

You will receive a letter from the Financial Aid office notifying you of your obligation. Depending on the calculation, you may owe money back to BC3 and The Department of Education. Any monies owed to The Department of Education are defined as "overpayment" and will restrict you from receiving federal financial aid at any institution.

Examples of How Completely Withdrawing Impacts Your Financial Aid

Our office has outlined two examples of how completely withdrawing can impact your financial aid. If you are thinking of withdrawing, feel free to contact the Financial Aid office, and we will be happy to go over your options.