BC3 Summer Sessions

Earn credits. Save money!

BC3's tuition is the most affordable among western PA colleges and universities.

3 Summer Sessions

Sessions that are shorter in length may have the same requirements/expections as a full term course.

2 Summer Fast Tracks

Fast Track courses run for 5 weeks and are available online only. Courses may have the same requirements/expectations as a full-term course, but are condensed to 5 weeks. It is recommended that only one Fast Track course is taken at a time as the workload is concentrated. 

student in classroom
Guest Student Summer Savings

Earn affordable college credits at BC3 over your break and transfer them back to your home institution. Use the links below to see if your credits transfer and see the steps to enroll.

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College Pathways

Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors – Jump start your college education and take college classes online or at any BC3 location through College Pathways.