General Parking Information

All persons arriving on property owned or leased by BC3 are required to obtain and visibly display a parking permit on their vehicle’s rearview mirror while parked.

View Traffic and Parking Regulations Code

Apply online here: Butler County Community College Citizen Portal (

Walking Trail

Walking trail users must apply online for a yearly parking permit. The cost is $10.00. Payments can be made in person or online after the completion of the application. Walkers are only to park in spaces painted with white lines. Permits must be printed, and visibly displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard while parked on campus.

Apply online here: Butler County Community College Citizen Portal (

What if I have a parking permit but I arrive to campus without it?

Any person who has forgotten their parking permit can come to the Campus Police Department to receive a free temporary permit for 1-day (or week in some circumstances).

Persons arriving onto all other BC3 Campus locations can obtain a temporary parking permit by speaking with office personnel at those locations.

Prohibited Parking Areas

  • In a loading zone unless the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded and warning flashers are operating. The vehicle must move from the loading zone upon completion of loading or unloading.
  • In any parking place other than that designated by the vehicle’s permit.
  • In any area other than a regularly designated parking space, which shall be marked by lines, markings, or signs.
  • On the sidewalk.
  • In a crosswalk.
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or in a fire lane.
  • Within 30 feet of a stop sign.
  • Blocking an intersection.
  • In such a manner as to impede the flow of traffic.
  • In restricted/posted areas set aside for visitors and preschool drop-off spaces with set time limits.
  • In any reserved space unless the space is assigned to the individual.
  • Upon grass.
  • Occupying multiple spaces within a parking lot.
  • In any handicapped space unless the vehicle is designated by the approved methods such as; a state-issued handicapped registration plate, a state-issued disabled veteran’s registration plate, or a state-issued handicapped parking placard

Parking Violations

I received  parking ticket. How do I pay?

Pay for your parking tickets online here

I received a parking ticket that I shouldn’t have. What can I do?

Parking Ticket Appeal Process:

  • If someone receives a parking ticket and feels that it was improperly given, our department provides the opportunity for an appeal to be filed. Please use our online form to file your appeal. Appeals will only be accepted if completed within (5) business days from the date the ticket was written. After the appeal has been submitted, appeals will then be reviewed by the Parking Authority Review Board who then passes a decision based on majority vote.

Results of Appeal:

  • A copy of the appeal will be mailed back to the recipient’s address given declaring as to whether or not the ticket was VOIDED or DENIED.
  • If the ticket is voided - A copy of the appeal will state that the appeal has been accepted and that the issued ticket has been voided. No further action is needed by the recipient.
  • If the ticket is denied - A copy of the appeal will state that the appeal was denied and that the issued ticket will still need to be paid. The fine must be paid within ten (10) business days from the review date.

Nonpayment of Denied Appeal:

  • Students who do not pay their fine within ten (10) business days of the board’s decision, will be restricted from their BC3 student account. Meaning that the student will neither be able to register for future classes nor obtain transcripts from the college until the unpaid ticket has been paid in full.
  • If a student account is unfounded, the recipient will be prosecuted through the District Justice Office, 50-1-01, and violators shall be responsible for all additional costs of prosecution.