Lunch & Learn Series

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Enjoy lunch while learning useful and professional skills for the workplace. Offered through BC3 Workforce Development.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Inclusive Conversations
Location: YWCA  120 W. Cunningham St., Butler, PA
Presenter:  Elizabeth Short, Executive Director, YWCA

Discussions about differences can be uncomfortable. But In order to promote diversity and inclusion, it is more important than ever for leaders and employees to have the skills to engage in historically polarizing or “off limits” topics.

In this session, we’ll review how to encourage dialogue in the workplaces, set ground rules for culturally sensitive conversations, explore how to go from polarization to common ground, and learn practical ways to discuss difficult topics. Register Now

Lunch catered by Cannella Cafe.

Wednesday, March 23,  2022

Power and Privilege
Location: Holly Pointe Building,  220 S. Main St., Butler, PA
Presenter:  Elizabeth Short, Executive Director, YWCA

In order to promote and participate in diverse environments, it is critical to understand how our own identities affect our environment and our interactions with one another other.

During this workshop, we’ll discuss the topics of race, gender, ableism, heterosexism, and ageism, and explore: what privilege is, who has it and how it works for them, and how power and privilege are connected.

Through this understanding, we can begin to build strategies and practices for interrupting the expressions of “isms” in our sphere of influence, and ultimately become better allies. Register Now

Lunch catered by TBD.

Wednesday, April 20,  2022

Intent vs. Impact
Location: YWCA  120 W. Cunningham St., Butler, PA
Presenter:  Elizabeth Short, Executive Director, YWCA

Have you ever offended someone but didn’t know why? Our words and actions can create or enforce an uncomfortable and toxic environment in the workplace. We’ll explore the ways words and actions can unconsciously and consciously affect individuals across different identities by discussing:

We’ll discuss how to address micro aggressions and develop helpful responses for these OUCH! moments, whether you’re an ally trying to disrupt them or someone who has experienced them. Register Now

Lunch catered by TBD.


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