Who We Are

Mission, Vision, and Goals


BC3 is dedicated to providing quality education, training, and enrichment opportunities that are affordable, accessible and responsive to the needs of the communities we serve. The College is committed to fostering a supportive, student-centered environment that values integrity, diversity and excellence.


Creating opportunities; changing lives for a better future.


Student Success
Provide programs and services that enable diverse students to explore, clarify and achieve educational goals.

Foster active and lifelong learning through innovative and effective teaching strategies.

Employee Development
Offer professional and personal development options that support work performance and employee well-being.

College Environment
Maintain a safe, secure, accessible and welcoming environment for student, faculty, staff and visitors at all BC3 sites and locations.

Fiscal Stewardship
Ensure sound fiscal planning, innovative solutions and the pursuit of alternative resources.

Provide timely, transparent and relevant communication for internal and external audiences.

Continuous Improvement
Sustain regular evaluation and improvement of programs and services.

Community Engagement
Strengthen community connections through economic/workforce development, public safety training, lifelong learning, and educational/cultural partnerships.