KOC First Time Registration Help

If you are *registering your child for the first time...

Follow these 6 easy steps:

*Please Note: Registration for KOC classes begins April 1.

Step One:
On the classes page, find a program you want to register for and click "Register for this class." You will be redirected to our KOC class registration website.

Step Two:
Click “Add to Cart” underneath the description. This will take you to a new page to create an account for your child or login to an existing account.

Step Three:
If your child is new to KOC, click “Create a New Student Profile” to create an account for your child.  Please do not use Parent or Guardian name for the account.  Use your child’s name and information for the following fields: username, first name, last name, middle name, birthdate. Use your information for the remaining fields.

NOTE: If you are registering more than one child, you will need to create a new student profile for each child. Once you complete the registration and transaction for the first child, log out and create a new student profile for the second child.  You can then complete the registration and transaction steps for the second child. The registration site may recognize your information and verify if you want to create a new profile. Select "Yes."

Step Four:
Once you create a new student profile for your child, you will have the option to “Continue Shopping” to add more classes for your child or “Checkout” to complete purchase of your selected class for that child. If you "Continue Shopping" you will need to select "Lifelong Learning" in the left menu to view KOC classes.

Step Five:
You can click “View Cart” or “Checkout” in the top right corner of the page at any time. When you are ready to check out, click the green “Checkout” button at the bottom of your shopping cart. You will need to agree to the policies before moving forward, keeping in mind that you will be refunded in-full should KOC be cancelled.

Step Six:
You will then be prompted to enter your credit card information to complete the transaction. You will receive an email receipt once your payment is processed.