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Child Development and Family Studies, A.A.S.

The Child Development and Family Studies program is designed to prepare students for careers as a day care provider, a group supervisor or teacher in day care and preschool settings; or a paraprofessional or teaching assistant in public and private schools.

LOCATION: Main Campus

Criminology, A.A.

The Criminology major is suggested for students intending to transfer to four-year institutions to complete Bachelor’s Degrees in Criminology.

LOCATION: Main Campus, Cranberry, Lawrence Crossing, LindenPointe

Psychology, A.A.

The Psychology Program, leading to an Associate in Arts Degree, is designed to prepare students to continue the study of psychology at a four-year institution with a background to sufficiently prepare them for more advanced study.

LOCATION: Main Campus, Armstrong, Brockway, Cranberry, Lawrence Crossing, LindenPointe, Virtual

Social Work, A.A.

The Social Work program is for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (BSW).

LOCATION: Main Campus, Brockway, Cranberry, Lawrence Crossing, LindenPointe