BC3 @ Armstrong

BC3 @ Armstrong offers classes that lead to an associate degree in Business Administration, Psychology and General Studies. Prepare for a career or transfer to a four-year institution. 

Associate Degree Programs

Transfer BC3 credits to earn a bachelor's degree. BC3 credits are recognized by public, private, and online 4-year colleges and universities.

Take classes at BC3 @ Armstrong that lead to an associate degree in one of the following Transfer Programs:

* Students who complete a degree in one of these programs can transfer to any Pennsylvania state institution with junior standing.

BC3 @ Armstrong - Finals Spring 2021 Schedule 

Daytime Monday May 3 Tuesday May 4 Wednesday May 5 Thursday May 6

Economics (Micro)
ECON 102 A01 127

College Writing
w/computer lab
ENGL 101 A01 119

Psychology of Human
PSYC 220 A01 114

Human Growth & Development
PYSC 203 A01 127

Productivity Applications
COMP 210 A01 119


Health Science
HLTH 120 A01 127

Intro to Business
BUSN 203 A01 114

Intermediate Algebra
MATH 100 A01 119

Research Writing
w/computer lab
ENGL 102 A01 119

COMM 201 A01 127

1:00PM-2:50PM     Recent US History
HIST 202 A01 127

Principles of Management
BUSN 123 A01 114

Educational Pyschology
PSYC 202 A01 127


Physical Wellness
PHED 125 A01 127

Elementary Statistics
MATH 107 A01
Lenape Tech Rm A201

General Psychology
PSYC 201 A01 127

PHIL 208 A01 114

3:00-6:00PM     Environmental Biology
BIOL 103 A01
Lenape Tech Rm D147 

Business Law 
BUSN 102 A51 114

Detective Fiction
ENGL 220 A51 127 
Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 152 A51 
Lenape Tech Rm 147