Homeland Security, Certificate

This program prepares students for challenging positions in the field of homeland security.

Based on Executive Order 13434 (National Security Professional Development) that established U.S. policy to promote the education, training, and experience of current and future professionals in national security positions in executive departments and agencies, the prescriptive curriculum for this program is part of the REGION 13-Homeland Security Initiative.

Risk management, systems integration, threat dynamics and the legal, political, and ethical issues associated with homeland security are explored. Also, the criminal justice system, perspectives on terrorism, cyber security and continuity of operations are also examined.

Graduates of this program seek jobs as homeland security professionals in various occupations including border, airport, and seaport security as well as employment in the intelligence field, technology security, and natural disaster response.

NOTE: Courses listed in the first/third semester will be scheduled for the fall; courses listed in the second/fourth semester will be scheduled for the spring. Students are encouraged to use the curriculum planner to keep track of courses taken and those still needed. In some cases, one or more courses may be taken in a different order than indicated on the planner. However, individual course prerequisites must be observed.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Some courses require another course to be taken beforehand or at the same time. To check if a course has a prerequisite or corequisite, see the course description.

Homeland Security, Certificate

Learn to secure our nation as you complete this program and be part of a national security initiative.

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