Engineering, A.S.

The program provides a solid basic background for transfer to a four-year college in various areas of engineering including Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Sanitary, Forestry, etc. 

These recommended courses parallel the first two years of engineering curriculum at four-year colleges.  Students in the Engineering program have transferred to colleges and universities such as the University of Pittsburgh, The Pennsylvania State University - Erie Campus, and Youngstown State University among others.  In addition, students in the Engineering Program have an option to earn a certificate in Nanofabrication Technology from the The Pennsylvania State University - University Park. This is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) program.

Program Competencies 

The student/graduate will be able to:

The majority of BC3 Engineering program credits for students who transfer to a four year institution in an engineering or an engineering related program will transfer.

Engineering AS

Prepare for transfer to a four-year institution as you learn lab methods, computer technology and mathematical and scientific principles.

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