LindenPointe Activities & Clubs

College Is More Than Just Classes

Learning also takes place outside the classroom. At BC3 @ LindenPointe, there are many opportunities to get involved.

Clubs & Organizations

If you are interested in joining one of BC3's student clubs, follow the links below for email information.

Book Club

Joining the BC3 Book Club is a great opportunity to build new relationships while enjoying stress-free participation. The purpose of Book Club is to give students with a passion for reading an opportunity to engage with peers in a fun, interesting, and inclusive environment.  

Business Club

Linden Pointe’s Business Club gives students with a passion for business an opportunity to strengthen their networking skills by participating in a host of club related activities and to instill a sense of community service in future business leaders.

Gardening Club

Gardening Club gives members the opportunity to put their skills of gardening to use by doing work for the community as well as at the LindenPointe campus. Gardening Club also provides members with a safe, enjoyable, and friendly environment.

Phi Theta Kappa (extension of the main campus)

PSW (Psychology & Social Work) Club

Linden Pointe’s PSW Club meets as a social gathering to discuss topics of interest in the fields of psychology and social work, possible careers in each field and community help opportunities. We design and participate in collaborations with other clubs, fundraising activities and social events.