Succop Theater Rental

exterior view of the succop theater at nightFrom Shakespeare to Beatlemania, BC3’s state-of-the-art Succop Theater is a superb venue for any performing arts or auditorium style agenda. The Succop Theater hosts performances by local theater groups as well as meetings and seminars for community and civic organizations like the local chamber of commerce.

To inquire about an event at the Succop theater, please fill out the Facility Request form, or contact Michael Beck for more theater rental information: or 724.287.8711 Ext. 8359


Stage Specs

  • 37',2.5" x 20' Proscenium Opening
  • 33',9" Deep
  • Grid height: 55'
  • The orchestra pit is approximately 29' x 9'
  • Height adjustable podium

Sound System

The Succop Theater is equipped with a complete sound system including:

  • Yamaha LS-9-32 Digital Console
  • 48 Channels returning from stage
  • 4 Separate Monitor Mixes controlled from FOH w/EQ
  • 4 Mackie Powered Monitors
  • Left, Right and Center Main Speakers + Subs (Renkus Heinz)
  • THX Surround Sound for 2 Blu-ray players. (FOH, JBL speakers)
  • Crown Amplifiers
  • Mic package including 8 Beta 58's, 8 Beta 57's, 1 AKG D-88,
  • 6 AKG C-1000's
  • Whilrwind DI's (6)
  • MP3, CD & Mini-Disc at FOH
  • In house mix position
  • Clear-com to FOH Audio & Lights, SR, SL, Booth & Catwalks (8 Belt packs + 1 Hand set for FOH Audio)


The Succop Theater is equipped with an ETC system including:

  • ETC Element Console
  • 110 Sensor Dimmers
  • Flexible placement on stage (no fixed electrics)
  • FOH Hanging points from 3 catwalks and 2 Box Booms
  • 98 Conventional fixtures (40 Fresnels, 20 Source 4s, 32 Shakespeare)
  • 5 Altman Spectra Cyc 200s
  • Comet Follow Spot (in booth)
  • In house mix position

 Fly System

The Succop Theater has a counter weighted fly system that includes:

  • 27 Battens
  • Double brakes (from stage and fly floor)
  • Legs & borders (4 sets)
  • Mid-stage & rear black traveler
  • Muslin Cyc
  • Main Curtain (travels & flys) w/ border & portal legs
  • Projection screen flown mid stage
  • Black scrim sharkstooth

 Dressing Rooms

The Succop Theater has two star/principle dressing rooms featuring:

  • Make-up lights & mirrors
  • Sink
  • Clothes Rack
  • Program speaker
  • Clear com outlet
  • Adjacent mens & womens rest rooms w/showers
  • Chorus dressing rooms adjacent to stage


The Succop Theater is equipped with program speakers in:

  • Dressing rooms
  • Loading Bay
  • Lobby
  • Telephone located in backstage office for emergencies
  • LCD Projector with DVD & Computer access


Rental Policies and Requirements

Rental Inquiries, Policies and Procedures

To inquire about an event at BC3, please fill out the Facility Request form, and look over all Facilities Rental Policies and Procedures. For more information, email Michael Beck at or call 724.287.8711 x8359.

***There are no tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, alcohol, or illegal drugs permitted on campus. Costs for facilities will be calculated upon request. For external groups, liability insurance is required.