Professor David C. Huseman Center for Economic Education

The mission of the Professor David C. Huseman Center for Economic Education is to promote and encourage understanding of economic concepts through education in the K-12 classroom.

The Center is committed to improving economic education in the Butler County service area by offering and demonstrating quality teaching materials and professional development programs to elementary and secondary school teachers, both public and private. This service is designed to motivate and enable educators to more effectively teach Finance and Economics. The goal is to ensure that young students develop an economic way of thinking that will help them make successful decisions about managing their resources.

Program implementation is accomplished through staff development opportunities for practicing teachers and curriculum specialists. Workshops and on-site consultations assist schools in developing an effective, interactive, and high-interest education plan that meets the Pennsylvania Department of Education standards in Economics.

Through the Professor David C. Huseman Center for Economic Education, teachers receive materials, media, strategies, and professional training in economic content and effective teaching methods. The Center works with its local schools and teachers to implement hands-on, real life curricula.

The Center is an affiliate of the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education and the Council for Economic Education and shares in its resources and leadership training.