Credit Schedule

Enrollment Dates

Current Students: Login to the MyBC3 Portal to register for classes or in-person at any BC3 location.

New, Transfer, Guest & Returning Students: Complete the BC3 Application for Admission if you have never applied to BC3 or it's been longer than one academic year (fall, spring, summer) since you last applied.

Spring 2019

Current student registration begins on Monday, October 29.
New, transfer, guest & returning students registration begins Monday, November 12.

Fast Tracks

Summer 2019

Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3 may be available in the classroom, as a hybrid, online, and/or via iTV. Sessions that are shorter in length may have the same requirements/expectations as a full term course.

Fast Track courses run for 5 weeks and are available online only. Courses may have the same requirements/expectations as a full term course, but condensed to 5-weeks. It is strongly recommended that only one fast track course is taken at a time as the workload is concentrated.

Note: To qualify for financial aid for the fall and spring semesters, students must be enrolled for 10 consecutive weeks or more.

If you decide not to attend after you enrolled, you must drop classes immediately to avoid possible charges and to free seats for other students. BC3 reserves the right to cancel classes if enrollment does not meet appropriate levels and change the schedule as necessary.

Course Types


A classroom course requires on-campus attendance during scheduled meeting times.


A hybrid course is an online course, but also requires four or more campus meetings. Campus meetings are scheduled in advance by the instructor and may be used for any combination of lectures, discussions, presentations, labs, examinations, etc. An orientation to online courses (GENL 001 - ET Orientation) is required.


An online courses uses the Internet, Blackboard (BC3's Learning Management System), and other web-based applications for all instruction, activities, assessments, and course interaction. An orientation to online courses (GENL 001 - ET Orientation) is required.


An iTV course is taught in a classroom by one instructor, but delivered to two separate locations simultaneously using video or web conferencing technology, iTV courses my require assignments and tests be completed online outside of the regular class time through Blackboard.