Student Ambassadors

Benjamin Franklin was our Ambassador to France during the American Revolution. He was an extremely accomplished man who won the allegiance of France to our colonies’ democratic cause with his wit, persuasive charm, and intelligence. We have our own group of skilled Ambassadors here at BC3; though not as famous as Franklin, they too are leaders who have a significantly positive effect on new and prospective students on the BC3 Campus.

The Student Ambassador program is coordinated by the Admissions Office on the Main Campus and overseen by Suzanne Wasilewski. These student volunteers help with recruiting functions like RegFest, open houses, campus tours, and other events.

One Ambassador is MaryAnn Steinmiller who just finished her Freshman year. MaryAnn says, “Being a Maryann, Student Ambassador Student Ambassador at BC3 was great decision. It helped me grow as a person and got me out of my comfort zone helping conquer my shyness.” MaryAnn is a History major who aspires to be a Museum System Tour Guide or a Horseback Tour Leader at Gettysburg, and she’s certain that being an ambassador is excellent practice for her career. MaryAnn is enjoying her experience at BC3 and wants to let others know that attending here is “exciting and fun.” She loves interacting with prospective students and sees part of her role as helping to allay fears, calm nerves, and provide realistic expectations for them as they make their way as college students. She also noted that, “BC3 really wants students to succeed. Teachers go out of their way to help and that is part of the reason students really want to be here.”

What’s the number one question she gets? “Is there a Sheetz nearby?” She also gets inquiries about housing, local churches, hang-outs, and things to do in the area. Additionally, she provides help with her knowledge of the campus, pointing out the best study spots and quiet spaces. MaryAnn says it’s also important “just being a friendly face and meeting new people.”

For those of you who might be interested in serving as a BC3 Student Ambassador after your first semester at BC3, you can learn about the details and requirements of the program here. There is a $150 per semester stipend attached, as well.

MaryAnn’s advice for anyone who’s interested: “Go for it. I’ve met so many great people through this program and its helped me develop and focus my communication skills.” By the way, MaryAnn intends to transfer to Slippery Rock in the fall of 2018 where she’ll complete her Bachelor’s degree in History and Anthropology and continue working towards her Master’s Degree. Until then, you can see her smiling face and experience her sunny disposition right here at BC3.

For those starting at BC3 this fall, your journey will begin soon.  Between now and then, please know that we are here to help you every step of the way.  Please contact these offices should you need any assistance:

-Jerry Johnston, Admissions Representative and Business Relations