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Make the Most of Your Summer

I think almost every college student has a summer break “wish list” that often includes things like taking another class or two to get a head start for the fall, getting a summer job or internship, being a community volunteer, or just heading for the sand and surf. Whatever it is you have planned for your summer be certain to make the best of it!

Summer is a great opportunity to get work experience and earn extra cash to help with tuition or any of your regular expenses. A paid or unpaid internship can also enhance your sense of responsibility and bolster your resume. But I’ve come across a few things you may not have thought about to fill your days off.

For instance; invest time in your hobbies or start new ones, maybe learn a useful skill in which you’ve shown interest. Some folks might want to use the time to pay attention to diet and exercise to improve their stamina and fitness. We mentioned taking classes and should point out that BC3 has a Session 3 start on June 11th and  Fast Track session which runs from June 25 – July 30 if you are interested in picking up further credits:

How about emailing your profs a “thank you” or taking time to clean up your old stuff around the house to be better organized?  You could donate what you no longer want or need to one of several local charities, including St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Grapevine Center, a local nursing home, or a women’s shelter to name a few. If your taste runs toward sporting events, there’s local baseball with the Butler Blue Sox and MLB action with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Later in the summer a trip or two to Steeler’s Training Camp might be in order at Saint Vincent College.

You might consider acting like tourist in your home town by visiting historical sites or attending local festivals or community days.Get some culture by visiting an art show, a concert, or museum, or travelling here or abroad if the opportunity should arise. Check out for some ideas.

If you are really feeling adventurous you might want to challenge your fears and build your self-confidence by going bungee jumping, sky-diving, or white water rafting.

Here are some websites that offer ideas on how to keep busy during the summer months. But whatever you do…have a TERRIFIC summer!

All of us at BC3 are committed to helping you achieve success in pursuing your educational goals. As always, know that we are here to help you in any way we can. Please contact these offices if you need any assistance.

-Jerry Johnston, Admissions Representative/Business Relations