Concerned About Someone

The BC3 C.A.R.E. Team (Campus Assessment Response & Evaluation) assists students who may be in jeopardy of harming themselves or others or who are demonstrating concerning behaviors. If you are concerned about a BC3 student, contact us.

The CARE Team

CARE Team members will assess the concern and intervene as appropriate. Reports to the CARE Team are handled confidentially within the confines of the law and public safety. We will confer with those reporting concerns to offer support and guidance as needed.

Examples of behavior that might be reported to the CARE Team include:

The CARE Team is not an emergency service

In the case of an emergency contact the BC3 Campus Police Department at 724.287.8711 x8450, or you can dial 9-1-1; these numbers are for emergencies only.

To report a concern, contact the CARE Team

Please contact any of the below CARE Team members via telephone.
You can also contact the team by sending an email  or filling out a confidential online form. When in doubt, send a report.

**For concerns about faculty or staff members, please contact Human Resources at 724.287.8711 x8353.

CARE Team members

Ivory Dunlap, Academic Counselor/Retention Specialist

Ivory Dunlap
Academic Counselor/ Retention Specialist
724.287.8711 x8439

Christina Fleeger, Executive Director of Human Resources

Christina Fleeger
Executive Director of Human Resources/Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer
724.287.8711 x8353

Jenn Loue, Assistant Coordinator for Disability Services and Tutoring

Jenn Loue
Assistant Coordinator for Disability Services and Tutoring
724.287.8711 x8342

Dr. Joshua Novak, Dean of Student Development

Dr. Joshua Novak
Dean of Student Development
724.287.8711 x8045

Scott Richardson, Director of Campus Police & Security

Scott Richardson
Director of Campus Police & Security
724.287.8711 x8225