Enrollment and Tuition


To enroll your child at the CCLC, please schedule a meeting with the director to complete paperwork.

You may set up an appointment by calling 724.284.8516 or emailing.


Non-refundable application fees are:

Semester tuition is charged by an hourly rate:

Prices for

Part-time use of CCLC

---Estimated use at 25 hours/week

Full-time use of CCLC

---Estimated use at 41.25 hours/week

BC3 Students $2.50/hour $2.25/hour
BC3 Employees $3.50/hour $3.25/hour
Community Members $3.75/hour $3.50/hour

PDE licensing allows for 21 children in the Preschool class


Drop-In Childcare

Late Payment Fee

$25.00 for late or returned payments

All age eligible children are accepted into the center without regard to race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, language, disability, or gender.