The Creative Curriculum, by Diane Trister Dodge, is used as a guide for the classroom learning environments. The preschool programs use an integrated curriculum, mixing language, literacy, mathematics, science and social studies experiences in a meaningful context to the children.

Topics of study are based on the children's interests and daily lives. The Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards are used to guide the curriculum planning so that all developmental domains are addressed.

Each child is assessed and parents' input is utilized to determine individual goals for the child's optimal development.

A variety of hands-on experiences are provided through the following interest areas/centers:

  • Creative Art
  • Dramatic play
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Library/listening
  • Manipulatives
  • Sand/water
  • Blocks
  • Puppets
  • Music


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News Release:
BC3's Children's Creative Learning Center receives national certification as Nature Explore Classroom
March 11, 2016