Computer Information Systems - Network Administration, A.A.S.

The Network Administration Option is intended to prepare  individuals to install, configure, and support an organization’s network.

The program covers knowledge and skills in computer information systems, operating systems and applications, network systems, and security. Graduates of this program may seek employment as an entry-level Network Administrator and related professions.

Employees in such positions would maintain network hardware and software, monitor a network to ensure network availability, perform necessary maintenance, and plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures. They may also supervise computer and network support specialists.

Successful completion of this program may potentially lead to professional licensure. Licensure may be global, national, or state-specific. This program meets requirements for the State of Pennsylvania. Requirements for other states may vary.

Program Competencies 

The student/graduate will be able to:

Network Administration, AAS

Learn how computers share data, software and other resources via wireless (wi-fi) and client server networks and also the Internet.

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