BC3 is Tobacco-Free


Tobacco-Free Policy

tobacco free - quit now!

Resources to help you quit:

Gain the support of your family members and friends to help you quit. Also, your doctor can help you come up with a plan to quit. Set your target date, the date that you want to be tobacco free, and utilize any of the following resources to help you reach that target date successfully.

Online Resources

Smokeless Tobacco Resources

How do I maintain a tobacco-free life?

Join a smoking cessation support group or find a family member or friend and quit together. Ask your family for support. Take smoking cessation classes. For help, contact the Community Health Challenge at 724-283-9955 or visit communityhealthchallenge.org. They provide educational resources, classes, counseling and more! Don't give up!

Ordinance No. 8 - Tobacco-Free Campus