Instructional Delivery

Instructional Formats

BC3 will offer a flexible Fall 2020 semester delivering credit instruction through various formats to give faculty and students options to accommodate higher-risk individuals depending on their specific situation or preference.

Instruction is delivered in-person at a specific location and time. Format will transition to remote beginning November 23. In-person meetings will follow social distancing guidelines.

Instruction is delivered in-person and/or remotely at a specific location and time. Format will transition to remote beginning November 23. In-person meetings will follow social distancing guidelines. 

Instruction is delivered remotely at a specific time. 

Instruction is delivered online-only at any time.

Classroom Capacity

Courses to be delivered in a face-to-face format have been limited to less than 50% of the total number of class sections. As of mid-August, the College has 697 class sections scheduled for the Fall 2020 semester: 263 (38%) are face-to-face, 193 (28%) are remote, 140 (20%) are blended/hybrid, and 101 (14%) are online.

Maximum enrollment per class section has also been reduced to accommodate social distancing and to limit the number of students in a classroom. Classroom spaces and labs have been evaluated and reconfigured to accommodate reduced physical occupancy. Signage has been placed to indicate designated seat locations that are 6 feet apart for individuals where feasible. Larger spaces -- such as Founders Hall and the Succop Theater -- will be reserved and repurposed to accommodate courses with higher enrollment numbers.

In order to sustain regulatory guidance, classroom spaces, labs and communal areas should not be changed once reconfigured.

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Semester Timetable

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Transition to Remote
All face-to-face, blended and hybrid courses will transition to remote instruction on Monday, Nov. 23 through the end of the semester to account for changing transmission levels of COVID-19 during normal flu season.

Technology & Support

Students should have access to a computer and to an internet connection. Webcams and headsets may also be required and can be purchased at the BC3 Bookstore or elsewhere. Wifi will be available in hot spots for laptop use.

Offices at all BC3 locations remain open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays to support academic and enrollment needs. Students can visit, email or call for support. All BC3 locations will be closed during designated holiday breaks. Visit for locations and hours.

BC3 Technology Help Desk
The BC3 Technology Help Desk will continue to provide phone, email and ticketing support for students and faculty prior to and throughout the fall 2020 semester.

If at any time a technology need arises, students should contact the Technology Help Desk. Faculty should contact their academic dean to discuss options.

View the TIPS pages for information aimed at assisting students and faculty with remote and online access and delivery.

Heaton Family Learning Commons
The Heaton Family Learning Commons will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays through Friday, Dec. 11.

A reference librarian will be available for online questions Monday-Thursday until 8 p.m. via the BC3 Library website. You can chat, text message, or email your questions. Electronic resources and curb-side pickup of materials are available.

Faculty Office Hours
Faculty members may hold office hours remotely. Departmental meetings may be held virtually.

Noncredit Instruction

Noncredit instruction including workforce development, lifelong learning, and adult literacy for Fall 2020 will be delivered as indicated below:

  • From Monday, Aug. 24 through Friday, Nov. 20, course instruction will be offered primarily face-to-face with limited remote format options.
  • From Friday, Nov. 20 through Friday, Dec. 18, training and final exams will continue at BC3 locations or non-BC3 locations to complete certifications, programs, exams and any contract training obligations.

From Monday, Sept. 14 through Friday, Nov. 20, instruction will be held in face-to-face, online and hybrid formats. The face-to-face format will transition to remote or online instruction on Monday, Nov. 23, through Friday, Dec. 18.

Instruction in the fall 2020 semester will be held in face-to-face formats through Friday, Nov. 20.