Instruction & Attendance

Faculty will record student class attendance to support contact-tracing processes.

Classroom policies should support self-quarantine and isolation by students, if needed, to mitigate any negative impact on assignments and grades based on attendance.

Supporting Mental Health

The continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic may cause stress and anxiety for students, faculty and staff. Members of the College community are encouraged to support their physical, emotional and mental health.

Faculty and staff can access mental health services through their health care provider. Lytle EAP Partners provides members of the Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium (ACSHIC) with resources related to COVID-19. This Employee Assistance Program provides employees and family members with free and confidential help in dealing with any kind of problem affecting personal well-being and job performance.

The BC3 CARE Team (Campus Assessment Response & Evaluation) may assist in providing guidance and support to students who are demonstrating certain concerning behaviors. The CARE Team can be contacted via email or through a confidential online form.