Basketball (Men's)

Portrait of the Men's Basketball Team 2022-23

Welcome the 2022-23 BC3 Pioneer Men’s Basketball team!

The Butler County Community College men’s basketball team is shown Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022, in BC3’s Field House. Front row, from left, Jason Baker, Todd Simons, Troy Loughry, Anthony Watson and Derrick Anderson. Back row, from left, assistant coach Christian Harbaugh,  Cole Rodgers, Austin Rodgers, Kevaughn Price, Spencer Langas, Dylan Hutcherson and interim head coach Joe Lewandowski.

The men's basketball program at BC3 has been the showcase sport of the athletic department for many years. The Pioneers play an exciting, competitive style of basketball that is attested to by their many accomplishments.

Proud to be a Pioneer

A number of players have moved on from BC3 Basketball to play at four-year schools; many with scholarships. Pioneer basketball has produced a collection of former players have taken their basketball experience and gone on to fill coaching vacancies at both the high school and college levels. 

BC3's men's basketball program has achieved numerous accomplishments including: 

BC3's men's basketball program has produced All-Americans in Hal Koenemund in 1994, Joe Lewandowski in 1995, Jerry Noll in 1996, Kevin Dill in 1996, Scheller Harrison in 1997, Bryant Lewandowski in 1999, Nathaniel McCoy in 2003, Matthew Lobaugh in 2005,  Alex Alvarez in 2015, Joel Stutz in 2019.