The Baseball Program at BC3 looks to return to the top spot in the WPCC and reclaim the dominance the program enjoyed in the 1970's. Playing both a fall and spring schedule, the team plays approximately twenty-five games per season. While most schools in the area only play a spring season, the Pioneers allow their players to develop to their fullest potential by competing as much as possible.

Proud to be a Pioneer

Many players have used the baseball program at Butler County Community College as a springboard for bigger and better things. Butler County Community College Baseball is proud to have former St. Louis Cardinals and World Series hero John Stuper as one of its former players. Division I schools through NAIA consistently look to Butler County Community College for players to compete at the next level.

BC3's baseball program has achievd numerous accomplishments including: 

BC3's baseball program has produced an All-American in Jason Kneidinger in 2003.