About the Foundation

The BC3 Education Foundation, Inc. is a 501 © (3) charitable organization established to support Butler County Community College. The Foundation acquires and manages private funds for the benefit of BC3.

Chartered in 1985, the Butler County Community College Education Foundation, Inc., serves as a vehicle for raising private funds to support the College's mission, goals, activities, and programs.The Foundation attributes its success to the strong leadership of the Board of Directors.The Board is comprised of volunteer members and community leaders committed to the College.


Butler County Community College Education Foundation enhances the experiences of BC3 students by providing resources to support the college's mission. As the private fund raising arm of the College, the Foundation is a driving force that links the community, students, alumni, businesses, organizations, and foundations to an environment of innovation, energy, creativity, and accomplishment.


Butler County Community College Education Foundation removes financial barriers enabling the College to fulfill its mission.

What We Do

The Foundation seeks and manages private gifts to support the College with student scholarships, equipment purchases, faculty enhancement awards, and grants for capital and program improvements.


Who We Are

Ruth Purcell, Director
Ruth Purcell
Executive Director
Tony Shakely, Vice Chair
Tony Shakely
Nancy Hunter Mycka Nancy Hunter Mycka
Vice Chair
Jay Shaffer Jay Shaffer
Dr. Anthony Bilott, Treasurer Dr. Anthony Bilott
Arthur H. Aronson Arthur H. Aronson
Kelly Giles Kelly Giles
Jeannie Gilkey Jeannie Gilkey
Robert Hovanec Robert Hovanec
David C. Huseman David C. Huseman
Rex W. Knisley Rex W. Knisley
Joseph Kubit Joseph Kubit
Dr. Nicholar Neupauer Dr. Nicholas Neupauer
Martin J. O'Brien Martin J. O'Brien
Timothy C. Shaffer C. Timothy  Shaffer
James A. Taylor James A. Taylor