A Clear Path Forward

Strategic Plan: 2017-2022

President's Letter

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I present to you the Butler County Community College 2017-2022 Strategic Plan: A Clear Path Forward. This Plan describes the Pathways we will take to achieve and sustain our mission and vision as the community’s college.

The College considered many data points in developing this Plan, including the 2016 Self-Study Report prepared for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Middle States feedback highlighted our 2010-2015 Strategic Plan as a “sustained assessment process” that is documented and organized. As an opportunity for improvement, evaluators recommended a “streamlined system” for our new strategies.

What follows is a simplified plan that incorporates the College’s mission, points toward an inspirational vision and builds from our eight goals: student success; learning; employee development; college environment; fiscal stewardship; communication; continuous improvement; and community engagement.

With the roadmap selected, chairs of our Strategic Pathways worked with committees to identify outcomes and form metrics for the final Plan. Going forward, a high level of data will be used with more confidence in forming decisions and gaining efficiencies in programs, services and processes. This ties to our “culture of assessment,” which was further reinforced by Middle States’ evaluators.

The possibilities are endless for a Plan that focuses on our students, communities, resources and excellence. I am confident this Plan accomplishes “A Clear Path Forward” for our No. 1 ranked Community College. I urge every BC3 stakeholder – in particular faculty, staff and students – to collaborate in achieving the College’s Pathways moving forward.

Dr. Nicholas C. Neupauer
President, Butler County Community College