Fire Rescue & Hazmat Training

The Public Safety Program at BC3 is unique in its educational offerings to local volunteer and paid Fire/EMS organizations and agencies, On Demand Local Level Fire/Hazmat Training, Specialized Designed Training and Certification. Training is provided at local agency locations, county/regional fire schools, off site fixed facilities and BC3’s Public Safety Training Facility (PSTF).

Fire & Hazmat Training Certification Tests

January - June 2017

Firefighter Training: Entry Level


  • Mandatory for new students, covering expectations of students, instructor, and fire department. Fire department officers should attend with new students.

Introduction to Fire Services (ELIS) (16 hours)

Fireground Support (ELFG) (32 hours)

Exterior Firefighter (ELEF) (52 hours)

Interior Firefighter (ELIF) (40 hours)

Advanced Firefighting

Firefighter Training

Arson Awareness

Education Methodology

Emergency Evacuations/Mayday Procedures

Emergency Vehicle Operator Training

Foam and Foam Equipment

Emergency Vehicle Drivers Training

Intro to fire Officership

Pump Operations 1

Rapid Intervention Teams

Hazardous Materials Training

Carbon Monoxide Detector Response

Hazmat Awareness J&B

Hazmat Operations J&B

Certification Tests

Hazardous Materials Awareness Certification Test

Firefighter I Certification Written & Skills Test

Fire Service Instructor 1

Hazmat Awareness

Hazmat Operations

Firefighter 1

Firefighter 1


Fire & Hazmat Training Courses

The staff at BC3's Public Safety Training Programs interacts with the emergency responders in not only providing training but planning it as well.  Other help provided is department organization, leadership training, new technologies, and certification.


Fire & Hazmat Training Forms

Attendance Sheet(pdf)
Course Application(pdf)
Fire and Hazmat Class Fees(pdf)
Preferred Training Partnership Application(pdf)
Single Registration Form(pdf)
Student Evaluation Form(pdf)
Student Information Form(pdf)


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