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Dr. Nicholas Neupauer

Convocation Speech Fall 2013





Welcome back! I trust you had a great summer and are ready to go. The fall semester, and academic year as a whole, promises to be a busy one. The purpose of my speech is to cover a variety of topics as we begin BC3’s 48th year!


My presentation will include:


  • Personal goals and objectives as assigned by the Board of Trustees.
  • Highlights from the College’s Strategic Plan and Report Card (measurement of BC3’s goals).
  • An update on capital and deferred maintenance projects.
  • A word about the College’s web redesign.
  • Information from the BC3 Education Foundation, Inc.
  • Where we are with Student Housing.
  • And miscellaneous information (Imhoff Trail clean-up; customer services professional development; our work with veterans; Commencement attendance; MSCHE; enrollment; today’s higher education).



2013-14 President's Goals and Objectives


The following is a list of goals and objectives for the President during the 2013-14 academic year.

  1. Direct the College in pursuing our "2010-2015 Strategic Plan: Focusing on Regional Educational Opportunities and Students' Success."
  2. Expand statewide leadership role to President of the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges and, in turn, benefit BC3.
  3. Launch a major gifts campaign.
  4. Maintain sound fiscal condition of the College.



Highlights From The Strategic Plan and College Report Card



2012-13 Strategic Plan Outcomes



BC3 @ Brockway


Academic Development:

Expanded college and university degree completion collaborations.



Shaffer Walking Trail, Adirondack chairs in The Grove


Student Success:

Tutoring – 491 applications for tutoring covering seven courses. Of these applicants, 384 received tutoring and 76.88% of those received a passing grade of a “C” or higher.


Increases in CCSSE and Noel Levitz surveys of student satisfaction from 2009-12 include:


Student/Faculty interaction:

  • Discussed grades/assignments
  • Talked about career paths
  • Worked on activities other than course work
    Active and Collaborative Learning:
  • Made a class presentation
  • Worked with classmates outside of class


College Report Card


Under Goals with Targets, metric #8 Pass Rate on Licensure Exams, BC3 students are excellent. Our pass rates for Nursing, PTA and Massage Therapy are the best in the state as well.


Under Trends to Keep an Eye on metric #4 Pass Rate on selected prerequisite courses, students’ performances improved significantly in six of the seven courses over last exam year. Deans, faculty and tutoring office contributed to the students’ success. This is a good example of using assessment data to take instructional and support actions that improve instruction.


Successful transfer

-Top in state for full-time/part-time transfer


Market penetration

-First in credit

-First in non-credit



Update On Capital Projects And Deferred Maintenance



Classroom Renovations:

The College continued to upgrade classroom, lab furnishings, and equipment as needed at all sites. A significant accomplishment was the upgrade of room BH 286. This room was upgraded with computer garages, furniture, and new carpet. Room BH 287 was upgraded with new thin client PCS and room BH 288 was upgraded with new audio visual equipment. Rooms SS 109 and CR 125 were upgraded with new furniture along with technology upgrades. Finally, two classrooms in LindenPointe along with seven classrooms in Lawrence Crossing now have technology capabilities. Therefore, 14 classrooms were upgraded during the course of the 2012-13 year.


Emergency System:

Dagostino has completed the first stage of the inside public address system installation. Testing of these horns occurred on campus on July 15 and 16. The College will now have the ability to broadcast emergency message that will be heard outside on campus and inside our buildings.


Butler Armco Employees’ Credit Union:

The College is excited for the opportunity to partner with Butler Armco Credit Union for an actual branch to be housed in the Student Success Center. The Credit Union was awarded the contract for the service of processing our student financial aid refunds and will allow students and staff the chance to open up deposit and/or loan accounts. Our students will be given paid internship opportunities to assist in operating this branch. Finally, the Credit Union will be installing cash machines in Cranberry, Lawrence Crossing, and LindenPointe.


Children’s Creative Learning Center:

We are moving forward with replacing two boilers and constructing the outdoor playground/recreation area.


278 Old Plank Road:

Renovations are continuing by our Operations staff. The BC3 Education Foundation, Inc. will move into the house in November.


Beck Library:

Half of the funding has been secured from the state. We need to now focus on the other half; primarily through private giving.


Door hardware for individual classrooms:

This past year we completed the replacement of all of the exterior doors and hardware systems on campus. This project, along with providing improvements in regards to ADA accessibility, energy efficiency, building aesthetics and so forth also provide us with the capability to properly "lock down" our buildings in the event of an emergency situation.


To further this concept, we will also be modifying our classroom door hardware so that individual classrooms can be easily locked down if needed.


We are currently pricing this equipment and are hoping to begin this project during the fall semester. Proper training of all lockdown procedures will be presented in the near future.



Web Redesign



We entered into a contract with BarkleyREI in May to redesign and improve our BC3 website.


The Discovery Sessions took place over three days with current and prospective students, faculty and staff. Thanks to all who participated; BarkleyREI gained a lot of valuable information.


The next step has involved more research and a thorough evaluation of our existing website. In July we received an 88-page Strategy Report that outlines a new direction and major changes that will include: individual program pages for each of our 57 programs, a new interface for Datatel and Lumens, new navigation, integration of micro sites and other features including social media, video and photos.


This process will take the next 14-to-18 months and will require collaboration and a concerted effort and it will be well worth it.


As always, we will keep you informed of the progress and will reach out for help when needed.



BC3 Education Foundation, Inc.



Last spring both the Board of Trustees and Foundation Board authorized the BC3 Education Foundation to go forward with only the second campaign in College history. Based on the College Strategic Plan and feedback from the campaign feasibility study, the major initiatives of the campaign are:


-Transformation of the Beck Library;

-Support Student Access and Success (increase student scholarships); and

-Support Emerging Careers-Workforce Solutions and Economic Development Innovation.


The Foundation is in the earliest phase of campaign development and is planning for a two-year campaign that will dramatically change the campus and our programs.


Executive awareness individual meetings between President Neupauer, Ruth Purcell and community leaders who participated in the feasibility study are underway. These meetings are encouraging as the leaders with whom we are meeting seem excited and interested in supporting a campaign that will advance the College and benefit the students and communities we serve.


We are recruiting members to serve on the Campaign Steering Committee from the Foundation Board, Trustees, BC3 faculty and staff and community leaders. This group will be responsible for the leadership and oversight of the campaign. This is the group that will establish the campaign goal and work to secure lead gifts for the campaign. It is expected that other volunteer groups will be created as we move forward in the campaign to assist as ambassadors and solicitors of key constituent groups.



Student Housing



Thanks to an anonymous donation of $25,000, the College was able to explore the opportunity of student housing on our Main Campus.


Anderson Strickler, a campus housing and real estate consulting service, produced a feasibility study for the College. That study will be presented to various College stakeholders on September 12. An open session for the College as a whole will be from 1:00-2:00 p.m. in the Succop Theater.


Please be sure to look for an email detailing the specifics for the session.



Miscellaneus Information



Imhoff Trail clean-up day - September 6, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. More information will follow.


We have been focusing on "customer service" professional development training for administration, secretarial/clerical and professional technical staff.


As you know, with the drawdowns in our troops overseas, many of our armed forces will return home and pursue higher education. BC3 is already been certified as a "Veteran Friendly Campus," and we want to continue to show support for these brave men and women. Therefore this fall we are opening a Veteran Lounge in the Student Success Center, where they can meet one another, decompress, and get information about veteran resources. A computer and printer for their use will also be installed.


The start of an academic year is very exciting, but I want to emphasize the back end – graduation. This past year I received more requests for missing the event than ever before. An early head’s-up, please plan on attending Commencement on Monday, May 19.


Two accreditations to talk about – ACBSP and Middle States


"The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) emphasizes quality in teaching and student learning outcomes in business education through efforts which demonstrate adherence to business standards and performance results." BC3 joined ACBSP in July, 1990, and submitted its first self-study in February, 1993. All associate degree programs in the Business Division were accredited at that time. The reaffirmation process to renew accreditation takes place every ten years.


The Business Division self-study was prepared during the spring and summer, 2013, and was submitted August 15.


A site visit will be conducted by a three-member evaluation team from October 6-9, 2013.


The ACBSP Board Commission will review the accreditation materials and present their findings to the ACBSP Board of Commissioners at the November meeting. Business schools that are reaffirmed will be recognized at the ACBSP Annual Conference in June in Chicago.

Middle States Schedule:

Fall 2013 -Steering Committee Chairs and members chosen
Spring 2014 -MSCHE staff liaison conducts self-study preparation visit
Fall 2015 -Institution prepares final version of the self-study report
Winter 2015 or Spring 2016 -Institution sends final report to evaluation team and to MSCHE at least six weeks prior to team visit
Spring 2016 -Team visit
Summer 2016 or Fall 2016 -Commission action


Headcount up 4.41%

Total credits up 1.73%


Today’s higher education

These institutions have been in the news recently:



Community College of Philadelphia

San Francisco CC

And further state discussion has focused on performance funding.


I’m proud of where we are. We can’t do it and be so successful without each of you.





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