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High School Programming Schedule

Spring 2015 College Within The High School Course Schedule

Speech 11:47a-12:31p MTWRF Lincoln
Speech 10:21-11:02a MTWRF Mars
Speech 1:10-1:51p MTWRF Mars
Speech 9:11-9:51a MTWRF Portersville CS
Speech 10:38-11:45a MTWRF LCCTC
Speech 3:30-6:00p W Evangel Hts.
Speech 9:00-11:45a S DuBois CC
Intro to Microcomputing 1:10-1:51p MTWRF Mars
MacroEconomics 6:50-7:50a TR Farrell
MicroEconomics 11:38a-12:19p MTWRF Mars
MicroEconomics 9:22-10:04a MTWRF WMHS
MicroEconomics 10:54-11:35 MTWRF WMHS
Research Writing 10:03-10:42a MTWRF Portersville CS
Research Writing 11:00-11:40a MTWRF DuBois CC
Early US History 1:51-2:35p MTWRF Lincoln
Early US History 5:00-8:10p M Summit Academy
Elementary Statistics 11:53a-12:34p MTWRF Mars
Intro to Music 3:25-6:35p M Brockway
Intro to Religions/World 10:44-11:23a MTWRF Portersville CS
Amer. National Gov't 7:25-8:20a MTWRF Lenape
General Psychology 7:45-8:31a MTWRF Lincoln
General Psychology 11:38a-12:19pMTWRF Mars
General Psychology 1:56-2:37p MTWRF Mars
General Psychology 9:09-9:55a MTWRF Butler
General Psychology 6:30-7:25a TRF Keystone
General Psychology 3:30-5:00p MTWRF George Junior
General Psychology 12:00-3:10p F BC3 @ LindenPointe
General Psychology 9:30-11:00a TR Summit Academy
General Psychology 3:25-6:35p T Brockway
Principles of Sociology 2:30-5:40p M Brookville
Principles of Sociology 2:30-5:40p R Ford City
Principles of Sociology 1:15-1:58p MTWRF Butler
Principles of Sociology 2:03-2:52p MTWRF Union
Principles of Sociology 9:21-10:16a MTWRF Lenape
Principles of Sociology 1:45-2:40p MTWR Lenape
Principles of Sociology 3:00-4:25p TR DuBois CC
Load Calculations 4:30-7:30p R BAVTS










Contact High School Programming

For more information about any of these programs, please contact

Sean Carroll, Coordinator
High School Programming
724.287.8711, Ext. 8254
toll-free 1.888.826.2829


Jennifer Robinson
High School Programming Secretary
724.287.8711, Ext. 8404


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