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Minutes of Regular Meeting BC3 Board of Trustees

March 20, 2013

Science and Technology Board Room, Main Campus



Meeting Subject Subject Description
Members Present William DiCuccio, Jim Ferguson, Kim Geyer, Jennifer Linn, Gordon Marburger, Bruce Mazzoni, Glenn Miller, Dick Rittelmann, Ray Steffler
Members Absent Joan Chew, Jessica Forsythe, Grace Hawkins, Bill McCarrier, Scott McDowell, Nancy Staible, Don Tylinski
Also Present Susan Changnon, Linda Dodd, Jim Hrabosky, Nick Neupauer, Bill O’Brien, Brian Opitz, Ruth Purcell, Julie Sheptak, Francie Spigelmyer, Case Willoughby, Tina Fleeger, Ed Biller-Butler Eagle
Call To Order Mr. Steffler called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m.

Mr. Steffler asked for a moment of silence in memory of Ms. Sue Bennitt.

In the absence of Ms. Forsythe, Mr. Steffler asked Mr. Marburger to serve as Secretary for the meeting.
Agenda Dr. DiCuccio moved to approve the agenda.  Motion Carried.  
Minutes Mr. Ferguson moved to approve the Minutes of the January 16, 2013, Regular Board Meeting.  Motion Carried.

Mr. Mazzoni moved to approve the Minutes of the March 5, 2013, Special Board Meeting.  Motion Carried.

Ms. Geyer moved to approve the Minutes of the March 14, 2013, Special Board Meeting.  Motion Carried.
Introduction of Guests Susan Changnon introduced today’s guests.
Treasurer's Report Jim Hrabosky reviewed the February Operating, Capital, Academic Enhancement and Restricted Funds Budget Summaries.  He also reviewed the Enrollment Report as of March 12, 2013.  The Budget Summaries were accepted as presented. 
Public Comment None
President's Report Dr. Neupauer reported on the following:

State and Federal Activities
-Dr. Neupauer attended the National Legislative Summit in Harrisburg on 2/11.  -On 3/04, Dr. Neupauer testified before the House Appropriations Committee.
-A Legislative Breakfast was held on 3/12 in Harrisburg.
-The PA Commission’s annual meeting and Lobby Day will be held in Harrisburg on 4/8-9.
-Senator Mensch sponsored a bill creating the PA Affordability Community College Task Force to analyze the sustainability of the community college funding model.

College Activities
-The College will be closed on March 29 for the Good Friday holiday.  
-The BC3 @ Brockway announcement is scheduled for 3/25.  A PA Dept. of Education operating grant funded this initiative.
-The next Middle States accreditation visit will be in 2016. 
-The four western PA community colleges are looking at reciprocity programs.  The proposed model will be presented to the Finance committee.
-The Foundation is working on a joint gathering of the Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors this summer.
-Student housing focus groups have met.  A student survey is also in process.
-Please refer to the Quality Assessment committee document in your notebook.  This is a proposed new committee of the Board.
Committee Reports  
Executive No report.
Finance No report.  Ms. Geyer reported on the federal government looking at abolishing tax-exempt municipal bonds, and the effect on community colleges.
Facilities Mr. Rittelmann reported the committee met on 2/20 to discuss the following:
-The renovation of 278 Old Plank Road is going well.
-The addition to the Children’s Creative Learning Center is currently in process.
-The Library schematic design is proceeding.
-The Cranberry project is stalled at the moment.
-An evaluation of the BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing building was completed.
Personnel Dr. DiCuccio reported the committee met on 3/20 to discuss:
-Faculty tenure
-Faculty advancement in rank
-Faculty sabbatical request
-Faculty negotiations

Dr. DiCuccio moved to grant tenure to Ivory K. Dunlap and Karen Botinovch. 
Motion Carried.

Dr. DiCuccio moved that Amy Junhua Xin be promoted to Assistant Professor.  Motion Carried.

Resolution 13-16
Dr. DiCuccio moved to approve a one-semester sabbatical leave for the purpose of research, writing, formal education and job-related travel during the 2013-14 academic year at full pay to Armand L. Natili, Jr.  This is in accordance with the Agreement By and Between Butler County Community College and the Butler County Community College Education Association/PSEA/NEA.  Motion Carried.
No report.
Delegate Reports
Foundation Ruth Purcell reported on the following:

-The Foundation has received nearly $4,000 in memorial gifts for Sue Bennitt.
-At the 3/14 meeting, the Foundation had the first reading of a proposed bylaw change to enact term limits.
- Major gifts for the first quarter of 2013 total $94,500, with golf sponsorships at $4,350.  Thank-you to the many friends of the College. 
-A benefactor wall plaque will be unveiled in the Succop Theater on 4/12.  This acknowledges those who contributed $1,000 or more to the previous capital campaign.  A Beatlemania Magic performance follows the unveiling.
-The grand opening of the Shaffer Walking Trail is 4/24.

Mr. Miller reported on the Alumni Association:
-There are 83 Lifetime members.
-Robert Olszewski is the Alumni speaker at Commencement.
-The 10th annual Pioneer golf outing is scheduled for 6/14.
-The Alumni Association is on Facebook and LinkedIn.  This is a good way to connect people with BC3.
Old Business No report.
New Business Motion
Consistent with the Naming of College Facilities Policy, Mr. Rittelmann moved to name the Main Campus walking trail the Shaffer Walking Trail in honor of E. Bertrum and Esther Shaffer.  Motion Carried.

Dr. Neupauer thanked the Trustees for their attention, support and enthusiasm over the last three weeks.
Adjournment Dr. DiCuccio moved to adjourn the meeting.  Motion Carried.  The meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.
Jessica Forsythe

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