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Minutes of Regular Meeting BC3 Board of Trustees

March 19, 2014

Ray D. Steffler Board Room, Main Campus



Meeting Subject Subject Description
Members Present Joan Chew, William DiCuccio, Jessica Forsythe, Kim Geyer, Paul Harris, Grace Hawkins, Gordon Marburger, Bruce Mazzoni, Nancy Staible, Ray Steffler
Members Absent Jim Ferguson, Jennifer Linn, Bill McCarrier, Scott McDowell, Glenn Miller, Dick Rittelmann
Also Present Linda Dodd, Jim Hrabosky, Pat Massaro, Nick Neupauer, Bill O'Brien, Brian Opitz, Ruth Purcell, Julie Sheptak, Francie Spigelmyer, Case Willoughby, Jerry Johnston, Renee Piovesan, Kate Malongowski-Butler Eagle
Call To Order Mr. Steffler called the meeting to order at 12:35 p.m. 
Agenda Mr. Mazzoni moved to approve the agenda.  Motion Carried.
Minutes Ms. Forsythe moved to approve the Minutes of the January 14, 2014, Regular Board Meeting.  Motion Carried.
Introduction of Guests Jerry Johnston introduced today’s guests.
Treasurer's Report Jim Hrabosky reviewed the February Operating, Capital, Academic Enhancement and Restricted Funds Budget Summaries.  He also reviewed the spring 2014 enrollment report as of today.  The Budget Summaries were accepted as presented. 
Public Comment None
President's Report

Dr. Neupauer reported on the following:

State and Federal Activities
-The annual ACCT National Legislative Summit was held in Washington, DC, on February 10-13. Mrs. Hawkins, Mr. Steffler and Dr. Neupauer attended.

-Dr. Neupauer testified before the House Appropriations committee on February 20.

-Dr. Neupauer met with the Chancellor of the PA State System of Higher Education as well as with a member of the State Board of Education on March 18.

-Chris Calhoun will be the featured speaker at the annual meeting of the PA Commission for Community Colleges on March 31 in Camp Hill.

-BC3 Student, Jake Friel, is one of two PA community college students who will speak at the Capitol steps on Student Lobby Day on April 1.

College Activities
-Thank-you to Brian Opitz and the Operations staff for staying on top of our unique weather conditions this winter.

-Our weather-related late starts are currenlty 9:30 and 10:00 am. Cabinet agreed to add a 12:00 pm start as another option. This will take effect next year.

-The student housing Request for Information was issued.

-A lockdown was issued on February 19 at BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing. Thank-you to Brian Opitz, Pat Massaro, Susan Chagnon, Bill O'Brien and his staff for their coordination of efforts in this situation.

-Middle States liaison, Dr. Ellie Fogarty, will visit the main campus on April 24. She will meet with the Trustees from 11:30 am - 12:45 pm.

-Dr. David Anderson, Professor of Humanities & Social Sciences, has a lead journal entry in the Hemmingway Review.

-The annual meeting of the American Association of Community Colleges will be held in Washington, DC, on April 5-8. Bill O'Brien, Ruth Purcell and Dr. Neupauer will present "Leveraging Public/Private Partnerships to Execute a College's Strategic Initiative." Dr. Spigelmyer and Rosemary Keasey will also make a presentation on our excellent adjunct training.

-May 21 Board meeting at 5:00 pm in Lawson board room followed by the Commencement ceremony at 7:00 pm in the Field House.

-Elizabeth Bolden, President and CEO of the PA Commission for Community Colleges, will be the Commencement keynote speaker.

Committee Reports  
Executive Mr. Steffler reported the committee met on February 12 to accept the architectural and engineering contract for the renovation of the John A. Beck, Jr. Library. The committee accepted the contract submitted by Stantec of Butler, PA, in the amount of $273,394.00. This action will be ratified by the full Board at the March 19, board meeting.
Resolution 14-02 John A. Beck, Jr. Library Renovation Architectural and Engineering Contract Ratification
Mr. Mazzoni moved to ratify the action taken by the Executive committee on February 12, 2014, to accept the contract submitted by Stantec of Butler, PA, in the amount of $273,394.00. Motion Carried.
Finance Mr. Mazzoni reported the committee met on March 5. Discussion items included BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing, the 2014-15 budget and tuition policy, the Morgan Stanley Flex, Inc. agreement and Marcellus Shale.
Facilities Ms. Forsythe reported the committee met on January 15. Discussion items included the BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing building evaluation and student housing.
Executive Session An Executive Session was held from 12:55-1:45 p.m. to discuss personnel-related issues.
Personnel Dr. DiCuccio reported the committee met on March 19. Discussion items included a faculty sabbatical request, a revision to Ordinance No. 8 and a personal matter.
Resolution 14-03 Robin R. Pankiw Sabbatical
Dr. DiCuccio moved to approve Robin R. Pankiw's sabbatical request for spring 2015 for the purpose of research and writing at full pay in accordance with the Agreement By and Between Butler County Community College and the Butler County Community College Education Association/PSEA/NEA. Motion Carried.
Motion-Revision to Ordinance No. 8 Tobacco-free Campus
Dr. DiCuccio moved to approve the revised Tobacco-free Campus Ordinance No. 8 to include electronic cigarettes as not permitted on any campus and/or site owned and/or leased by Butler County Community College and in/on any College vehicle. Motion Carried.
No report.
Ms. Staible reported the committee will meet on March 27.
Delegate Reports
Foundation Ruth Purcell reported on the following:
-Unaudited figures for calendar year 2013 show total private giving was $654,373.00.
-A reception was hosted by Gail and Bob Hunter along with Nancy Hunter Mycka where Dr. Neupauer shared his plans for the future of BC3.
-The Pioneer Proud case statement was printed and will be used for solicitations during the campaign.
-Scholarship applications go live on the BC3 website April 15.
-Groundbreaking for the CCLC outdoor learning center will take place on April 29, at 11:00 a.m.
Alumni council No report.
Old Business No report.
New Business Mr. Steffler directed Trustees to the insterts in their notebooks.
Adjournment Mr. Mazzoni moved to adjourn the meeting.  Motion Carried.  The meeting adjourned at 1:55 p.m.
Jessica Forsythe

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