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Minutes of Regular Meeting BC3 Board of Trustees

December 5, 2012

Science and Technology Board Room, Main Campus



Meeting Subject Subject Description
Members Present Joan Chew, William DiCuccio, Jim Ferguson, Jessica Forsythe, Kim Geyer, Grace Hawkins, Jennifer Linn, Gordon Marburger, Bruce Mazzoni, Bill McCarrier, Scott McDowell, Glenn Miller, Dick Rittelmann, Nancy Staible, Ray Steffler, Don Tylinski
Also Present Susan Changnon, Linda Dodd, Jim Hrabosky, Nick Neupauer, Bill O’Brien, Brian Opitz, Ruth Purcell, Julie Sheptak, Case Willoughby, Jake Friel, Rosemary Keasey, Beth Dittmer and Betsy Krisher of Maher Duessel CPAs, Ed Biller-Butler Eagle, Ken Hawk-Butler Radio Network
Call To Order Mr. Steffler called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. 
Agenda Ms. Chew moved to approve the agenda.  Motion Carried.
Minutes Dr. DiCuccio moved to approve the Minutes of the October 17, 2012, Regular Board Meeting.  Motion Carried.
Introduction of Guests Susan Changnon introduced today’s guests.
Treasurer's Report Jim Hrabosky reviewed the October Operating, Capital, Academic Enhancement, Restricted Funds Budget Summaries.  He also reviewed the Enrollment Report as of December 2, 2012.  The Budget Summaries were accepted as presented. 
Public Comment None
President's Report Dr. Neupauer reported on the following:

State and Federal Activities
-The Governor’s Commission on Postsecondary Education completed its study.  The study was unanimously adopted by the 31-member board, with 19 recommendations including:
  • Establish a long-term finance and accountability funding model;
  • Examine opportunities for postsecondary education institutions and programs to consolidate and collaborate;
  • Develop outreach programs to veterans;
  • Make an effort to hold costs via tuition containment.

College Activities
-The College will be closed December 24, 2012-January 1, 2013, for the Christmas holiday and January 21, 2013, for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.
-To date, the Foundation has received $96,500 in Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit contributions.
-The Shaffer Walking Trail is near completion.  Funding for the project came from the Butler County Commissioners’ refinancing of a bond and from the Shaffer estate in the  Foundation.
-The door replacement project is complete.  Half of the funding for this project came from the state, with a College match from capital reserves.
-A Financial Literacy course is being introduced.
-Congratulations to Wayne Kovac.  He was honored recently by having the Cranberry Township Public Safety Training Facility named after him.
-BC3 was in the Cheers and Jeers section of the Butler Eagle on October 21, with a cheer for our expansion into Brockway and the helicopter-based water rescue training that took place on the Main Campus on October 11.
-The results of the capital campaign feasibility study will be presented to the Foundation Board of Directors and the Trustees on December 6.
-The student housing feasibility study is in process.
-The fall mini-semester generated $100,000.  Thank-you to everyone involved.
Committee Reports  
Executive Mr. Steffler reported the committee met in lieu of calling a special meeting of the Board and acted on the Board’s behalf to authorize a request by Cranberry Township for a temporary construction easement to install a 24” transmission water line on the property of BC3 @ Cranberry.  Approval of the request was moved by Dr. DiCuccio.  Motion Carried.  Mr. Rittelmann, chair of the Facilities committee, was made aware of this request and approved as well.  Ratification of the approval will be presented to the board at the December 5 meeting.
Finance Mr. Mazzoni reported the committee met on October 17 to review the 2012-13 budget presentation scheduled to present to the Butler County Commissioners on October 18.

The committee met on November 16 to review the 2011-12 draft audit as presented by Maher Duessel CPAs, discuss a financing proposal with Farmers National Bank and ComDoc copier lease extension.

Beth Dittmer and Betsy Krisher of Maher Duessel CPAs made an abbreviated presentation of the 2011-12 audit to the full board.  BC3 received an unqualified opinion.  This is the highest opinion that can be received.

Motion-2011-12 Audit Report
Mr. Mazzoni moved to accept the 2011-12 Audit Report as prepared by Maher Duessel, CPAs.  Motion Carried.

Resolution 13-12 Copier Lease Extension
Mr. Mazzoni moved to extend the ComDoc copier lease at $7,019 per month for 24 months, with the lease ending December 2014.  This lease extension is contingent upon approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Motion Carried.

Resolution 13-14 Off-campus Technology Lease/Loan
Mr. Mazzoni moved to authorize the issuance of a lease/loan with Farmers National Bank of Emlenton, PA, in the aggregate principle amount of up to $103,000 so as to provide monies to finance the cost of purchasing computers and technology equipment for use at the College’s off-campus sites.  Motion Carried.
Facilities Mr. Rittelmann reported the Shaffer Walking Trail will be complete by the end of the year.  The Cranberry expansion project’s final design will be complete in January.  The College’s Master Plan is in progress and Stantec will complete it by the end of the year.

Resolution 13-13 Temporary Construction Easement Ratification
Mr. Rittelmann moved to ratify the action taken by the Executive Committee on November 16, 2012, permitting Cranberry Township the right to use a portion of the College’s property at 250 Executive Drive during the construction of a transmission water line.  Motion Carried.
Executive Session An Executive Session was held from 1:10 to 1:30 p.m. to discuss personnel-related issues.
Personnel Dr. DiCuccio reported the committee met on December 5 to discuss faculty negotiations, a change to the Trustee bylaws, adoption of a new alcohol policy and personnel matters.

Dr. DiCuccio moved to grant tenure to Deborah K. Kane.  Motion Carried.

Motion-Bylaws of the Board of Trustees
Dr. DiCuccio moved to approve the revision of “By-Laws of the Board of Trustees” to the Administrative Manual, Section 2.07, Article V, Section 1 Meetings, A. as follows:

Eight regular meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be held annually at a date, time, and place to be determined by the Chairperson.  (Board does not meet in February, July, August, and November).  All meetings at which official action is taken shall be open to the general public.  The Board may meet in Executive Session which may or may not be open to the public.

Motion Carried.

Resolution 13-15 Alcohol Policy
Mr. Rittelmann moved to adopt the Alcohol Policy as follows: Alcohol is prohibited on all campuses and sites owned and/or leased by Butler County Community College at any time.  This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, all facilities, grounds, and parking lots, unless authorized by the President for a specific event.

A matter involving students will be referred to the Dean of Student Development.  A student who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including permanent dismissal.

A matter involving employees and/or visitors will be referred to the Director of Human Resources/Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer.  An employee who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  A visitor who violates this policy will be required to leave the premises and may be denied future access to the College.

Motion Carried.
Mrs. Hawkins reported the committee met on December 4 to review the Human Resource Management program as presented by Rosemary Keasey and hear a report on the General Education report by Francie Spigelmyer.  The Committee recommends the continuation of the Human Resource Management program.  
Delegate Reports
Foundation Ruth Purcell reported on the following:

-All Educational Improvement Tax Credit contributions will be used for the College Within the High School program.  The Center for Economic Education will be a recipient of the funds soon.
-The capital campaign feasibility study report results will be presented to the Foundation Board of Directors and Trustees on December 6.
-Thank-you to everyone who contributed to the annual campaign.

Mr. Miller reported the October 20 Legacy Dinner was a beautiful event.  There are currently 80 Lifetime members of the Alumni Association. 
Old Business No report.
New Business Mr. Steffler wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Congratulations to Gordon and Diane Marburger on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary which is today.
Adjournment Mr. Rittelmann moved to adjourn the meeting.  Motion Carried.  The meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.
Jessica Forsythe

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