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Minutes of Regular Meeting BC3 Board of Trustees

October 19, 2011

Conference Room at BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing



Meeting Subject Subject Description
Members Present William DiCuccio, Jim Ferguson, Jessica Forsythe, Kim Geyer, Grace Hawkins, Gordon Marburger, Bill McCarrier, Dick Rittelmann, Robert Smith, Ray Steffler
Members Absent Joan Chew, Brian Ellis, Bruce Mazzoni, Glenn Miller, Dale Pinkerton, Don Tylinski
Also Present Susan Changnon, Linda Dodd, Jim Hrabosky, Nick Neupauer, Bill O’Brien, Ruth Purcell, Julie Sheptak, Francie Spigelmyer
Call To Order Mr. Steffler called the meeting to order at 12:35 p.m.  Mr. Steffler welcomed Mr. Jim Ferguson to the Board of Trustees.
Agenda Ms. Forsythe moved to approve the October agenda. Motion Carried.
Minutes Ms. Geyer moved to approve the Minutes of the September 21, 2011, Regular Board Meeting.  Motion Carried.
Introduction of Guests Susan Changnon introduced today’s guests.
Treasurer's Report Jim Hrabosky reviewed the September Operating, Capital, Academic Enhancement and Restricted Funds Budget Summaries, as well as the Enrollment Reports.  The Budget Summaries were accepted as presented. 
Public Comment None
President's Report Dr. Neupauer reported on the following:

State Activities
-Dr. Neupauer participated in the PA Commission’s Government Affairs/Relations Committee in Harrisburg on 10/07.
-Dr. Neupauer will attend the inauguration of Dr. John Sygielski at Harrisburg Area Community College on 10/21.  The President of the American Association of Community Colleges, Walter Bumphus, will speak at the inauguration.
-The annual Student Success Forum will be held in Hershey on 10/26. 
Dr. Neupauer and several staff members will attend.
-The PA community college presidents will meet in Harrisburg on 10/27 & 28.
-The National Legislative Summit is scheduled for 2/13-15, in Washington, DC.  Because Trustees and Dr. Neupauer attend this annual summit, the board meeting scheduled for 2/15/12 will be moved to 2/22/12.

College Activities
-Dr. Neupauer was asked to serve on a task force to examine model career and technical centers and understand best practices.  The task force is funded by the Mellon and Benedum Foundations.
-The College’s literary magazine, FACETS, received the following awards:
First Place with Special Merit and Most Outstanding Community College Literary-Art Magazine for 2011.
-The American Heart Association’s Heart Walk was held on the main campus on 10/08.  Dr. Neupauer will chair the event next year.
-An Open House was held on the main campus on 10/18.  A record number of 271 potential students attended.  Nearly 600 were in attendance overall.  It was a wonderful event.
-There is no board meeting scheduled for November.  The next meeting is Wednesday, December 7, on the main campus.
-BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing’s SAVE Club (Students Against Violence Everywhere), is very active as you noticed in the lobby today.  A food collection campaign and blood drive are their current activities.  The goal of the club is to raise awareness of violence, particularly domestic violence.
-10/31 Trustee walking tour of the main campus.  We will meet in Lawson board room at 1:00 p.m., followed by the tour.
Committee Reports  
Executive Mr. Steffler reported that the Executive and Finance Committees met on October 13, to review the County budget presentation and discuss property opportunities in the area of the main campus and Lawrence Crossing.
Finance Jim Hrabosky reported that the Finance Committee held a required meeting with representatives from Maher Duessel CPAs to review the timeline of the 2010-11 audit.  The Committee will meet with Maher Duessel on 11/16 to review the draft of the audit.
Facilities The Committee did not meet.  Mr. Rittelmann spoke about the opportunities to purchase facilities in the Butler and Lawrence Crossing areas.  He urged the board to fully study such opportunities before making a decision.
Personnel No report.
No report.
Delegate Reports
Foundation Ruth Purcell reported on the following:
-The Executive Committee will meet on 10/27 to review proposals submitted to conduct a feasibility study for a capital campaign.  Proposals were received from five consulting firms.
-Thank-you to all who attended the Oak Hills Legacy Dinner on 10/15.  With a total of almost 350 guests, the largest in attendance ever, including 94 scholarship recipients, the event was a huge success.
-The BC3 Alumni Council conducted a planning meeting on 10/06.  Several projects will be pursued that will involve working with the students.
Old Business No report.
New Business Mr. Steffler reminded the Trustees of the following:
-There is no November board meeting. 
-The next board meeting is 12/07. 
-The February board meeting has been moved from the 15th to the 22nd.
-Please read Ms. Geyer’s report of the All-Trustee Assembly.  Ms. Geyer gave a brief overview of the assembly.  Getting involved in the advocacy and legislative process will make a difference to BC3.
Adjournment Mr. Rittelmann moved to adjourn the meeting.  Motion Carried.  The meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.
Jessica Forsythe

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