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Minutes of Regular Meeting BC3 Board of Trustees

January 19, 2011

Science & Technology Building Board Room



Meeting Subject Subject Description
Members PresentJoan Chew, William DiCuccio, Jessica Forsythe, Grace Hawkins, Gordon Marburger, Bruce Mazzoni, Bill McCarrier, Glenn Miller, Dale Pinkerton, Eric Schultz, Ray Steffler, Don Tylinski
Members AbsentBrian Ellis, Gene Marcink, Dick Rittelmann, Robert Smith
Also PresentSusan Changnon, Linda Dodd, Jim Hrabosky, John Kearney, Pat Massaro, Nick Neupauer, Bill O’Brien, Brian Opitz, Julie Sheptak, Francie Spigelmyer, Amy Anthony, Ken Hawk-Butler Radio Network, Sandy Pontius-Butler Eagle
Call To Order Mr. Steffler called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. 
Agenda Ms. Chew moved to approve the agenda.  Motion Carried.
MinutesMr. Marburger moved to approve the Minutes of the December 1, 2010, Regular Board Meeting.  Motion Carried.
Introduction of GuestsSusan Changnon introduced today’s guests.
Treasurer's ReportJim Hrabosky reviewed the December Operating, Capital, Academic Enhancement and Restricted Funds Budget Summaries, as well as the Enrollment Reports.  The Budget Summaries were accepted as presented.       
Public CommentNone
Presidentís Report Dr. Neupauer reported on the following:
State Activities
-The community college Presidents will meet in Hershey on January 31 & February 1.
-The annual National Legislative Summit will be held in Washington, DC, on February 14-16.  Dr. Neupauer and Mr. Steffler will attend and meet with Reps. Mike Kelly and Jason Altmire.
-The community college Presidents look forward to working with Governor Corbett and his team.  The Presidents sent the Governor a letter of welcome and introduction.
College Activities
-The spring semester began smoothly on January 18.
-A VIP reception and Open House were held at the LindenPointe site on January 12 & 13.
-Enrollment is currently 3,947 students as compared to 3,740 this time last year.
-The College lost a dear friend on December 22, with the passing of Lois Robertson.
-In 2009-10, our students received $13,838,000 in financial aid.  This is money that comes into the communities we serve.
-Be sure to register for instant weather and emergency alerts on the College web site.


Committee Reports  
Executive No report. 
Finance Mr. Schultz reported that the Finance Committee met on January 18, to review the indirect cost study as prepared by Mr. Frank Nagy of Black, Bashor & Porsch.  The study concluded that Butler County taxpayer dollars stay in Butler County.  The Finance Committee is very comfortable with the study.

Action Item
Motion, Acceptance of Indirect Cost Study Mr. Schultz moved to accept the Indirect Cost Study as prepared by Black, Bashor & Porsch.  Motion Carried.
Facilities No report.
Executive Session An Executive Session was held from 1:00-1:08 p.m. for the purpose of discussing personnel-related issues.
Personnel No report.
Mrs. Hawkins reported that the committee met on January 4, to consider the five-year review of the Computer Information Systems program as well as the Physical Education program.  After hearing the presentations of the Deans of each program, the Committee recommends the continuation of both.         
Delegate Reports
Foundation Ms. Chew reported on the following:
-Annual fund is complete and preliminary numbers show a significant increase in private giving.  The Trustee and Foundation boards have nearly 100% participation.
-Conservancy direct mail appeal completed with $1,700 in contributions received.  This appeal was sent to previous donors, all households in Penn Twp., and individuals who held events at the Conservancy.
-Three receptions were held to celebrate the opening of the new building at LindenPointe.
-Staff and members of the Foundation Conservancy Committee met with four business and educational organizations to continue discussion about partnership opportunities with the Conservancy.
-The annual report will feature articles on special friends of the College who are making a difference by their support.
-Three new scholarships were established.
-After review of proposals by five banking institutions and recommendation from the Finance Committee, the Foundation will bank with Northwest Bank.
-FY 2009-10 Form 990 was submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. Mr. Miller reported on the following Alumni Association activities:
-The Alumni Association golf outing is scheduled for May 20, at the St. Jude Golf Club.
-A BC3 Night at Pullman Park is being planned for this summer.
-Alumni Council volunteers conducted a donor thank-a-thon, calling 218 donors.
Old Business No report.
New Business Mr. Steffler announced that the dates of the February and June board meetings have been changed.  The new dates are February 23 and June 22.

Adjournment Mr. Schultz moved to adjourn the meeting.  Motion Carried.  The meeting adjourned at 1:08 p.m.
Jessica Forsythe

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