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Minutes of Regular Meeting BC3 Board of Trustees

September 19, 2009

BC3 @ Lawrence County Board Room



Meeting Subject Subject Description
Members Present Joan Chew, William DiCuccio, Jessica Forsythe, Grace Hawkins, Gordon Marburger, Bruce Mazzoni, Bill McCarrier, Glenn Miller, Dale Pinkerton, Dick Rittelmann, Eric Schultz, Bob Smith, Ray Steffler
Members Absent Brian Ellis, Gene Marcink, Don Tylinski
Also PresentSusan Changnon, Linda Dodd, Jim Hrabosky, John Kearney, Nick Neupauer, Bill O’Brien, Brian Opitz, Julie Sheptak, Francie Spigelmyer, Jessica Dandoy, Megan Duncan-Butler Eagle
Call To Order Mr. Steffler called the meeting to order at 12:38 p.m.
Agenda Ms. Chew moved to approve the revised agenda to include the addition of an action item. Motion Carried.
MinutesMr. Miller moved to approve the Minutes of the August 19, 2009, Regular Board Meeting. Motion Carried.
Mrs. Hawkins moved to approve the Minutes of the August 19, 2009, Butler County Loan Guaranty Scholarship Trust Fund Meeting. Motion Carried.
Introduction of Guests Susan Changnon introduced today’s guests.
Treasurer's Report Jim Hrabosky reviewed the August Operating, Capital, Academic Enhancement and Restricted Funds Budget Summaries, as well as the Enrollment Report. The Budget Summaries were accepted as presented.
Public Comment None
President’s Report Dr. Neupauer reported on the following:
State Activities
-To date, there is no state budget.
-Dr. Neupauer, Dr. Smith and Mr. Steffler will attend the PA Commission’s annual All-Trustee Assembly and Presidents’ Meeting next week in Harrisburg.

College Activities
-BC3 was notified on 9/14 that we have received a $900,000 grant for three years to teach advanced manufacturing through guitar making. Mike Aikens’ nationally recognized work in curriculum development of teaching guitar manufacturing has allowed the National Science Foundation (NSF) to give this award to BC3 and Mr. Aikens as the Principle Investigator. This is the first time that BC3 will be the lead agency in a major federal grant, partnering with Purdue University, Sinclair Community College in Ohio, and two community colleges in California, Ventura and College of the Redwoods. BC3’s funding will total $231,000 for three years.
-As of 9/13, headcount for fall 2009 is 4,273. The headcount for College Within the High School and Dual Enrollment is 302. There is a 17% increase in credits sold, 10% increase in students from Butler County, 30% increase in students from Lawrence County, 40% increase in students from Mercer County, 42% increase in students from other PA counties and a 19% increase in out-of-state students. During the fall 2009 semester, the following percentage of high school graduates are enrolled at BC3: 26% Butler, 25% Knoch, 16.5% Mars, 29% Moniteau, 16% Seneca Valley and 28% Slippery Rock. Twenty-two percent of all 2009 Butler County high school graduates are enrolled at BC3.
-The College is being proactive with H1N1. There has been much communication about it with staff and students.
-Campus security updates continue with an outdoor public address system and surveillance cameras on-campus and at off-campus sites as well.
-The Foundation is proceeding with the LindenPointe expansion.
-The annual Scholarship Reception was held on 9/02, with $104,000 in awards distributed.
-The ribbon-cutting of the Student Success Center was held on 9/09.
-A Steelers party was held in the Student Success Center during the game on 9/10, with a standing-room only crowd.
Committee Reports
Executive No report.
Finance Mr. Schultz reported that the Finance Committee met on 9/16 with Maher Duessel CPAs to review the timetable for the June 2009 audit and draft report. In addition to the final report, the auditors will also provide a two-three page summary of the audit.
Facilities Mr. Rittelmann, 2009-10 Chair of the Facilities Committee, reported on how the Committee will become more proactive. Initiatives for this year’s committee are deferred maintenance, long-range strategic planning for facilities, space utilization, stimulus funds for energy conservation, Davis-Bacon wage rates and PDE’s mandate waiver program.
Personnel Dr. Smith reported that the Committee is working on conversations with the President regarding his contract.
Assessment No report.
Delegate Reports
Foundation Dr. Neupauer reported on the following:
-The expected net from this year’s Foundation golf outing is in excess of $35,000.
-The BC3 Employee Annual Campaign kickoff was on 8/20.
-The BC3 Retiree Luncheon was held on 9/15. Retirees had the opportunity to tour the Student Success Center with President Neupauer.
-The VNA Butterfly Release Memorial Celebration was held on 9/13 at The Conservancy.
-The Conservancy is hosting 25 weddings this season with 15 booked for 2010.
-An Extreme Croquet event will be held at The Conservancy on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.
Alumni Assoc. Mr. Miller reported on the following:
-Finalized plans to host an Alumni Caribbean cruise in September 2010.
-Planning receptions for Computer majors and Phi Theta Kappa in conjunction with the Oak Hills Legacy Dinner on 10/17.
-Three Distinguished Alumni have been selected:
Joseph E. Kubit, Class of 1984
Dr. Kathleen M. Brown, Class of 1983
Daniel R. Black, Jr., D.O., Class of 1978
Old Business No report.
New Business Informational Items
No report.
Action Item
Resolution 09-05, Award of Carpeting & Materials for Renovation of the Pioneer Café Mr. Miller moved to award the bid of $29,700 to R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. of Gibsonia, PA, for the purchase and installation of carpeting and materials for the Pioneer Café renovation. R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. submitted the lowest responsible bid. Motion Carried.
Executive Session An Executive Session was held from 1:30-2:08 p.m. to discuss personnel-related issues.
Adjournment Dr. DiCuccio moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion Carried. The meeting adjourned at 2:08 p.m.
Jessica Forsythe


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