President Neupauer

Welcome to Butler County Community College!

You are going to love BC3.

You are going to love attending small classes. BC3 has an 18:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

You are going to love joining a giving family. Eighty-two percent of BC3 employees donated to the recently completed Pioneer Proud Campaign, which eclipsed its $5.5 million goal by 24 percent.

You are going to love representing a school that serves those who have served us. BC3 has been named a Military Friendly Institution for four consecutive years by Victory Media, and is the college of choice of 150 student-veterans.

You are going to love saving money. BC3’s tuition is lower than that of 24 regional four-year colleges and universities, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times. Students who complete an associate degree in any one of 12 select BC3 programs can transfer to a State System of Higher Education institution with junior standing.

You are going to love our affordability. Seventy-five percent of BC3 students graduate debt-free.

You are going to love flexible scheduling. BC3 has Fast Track courses to help busy students earn credits within five weeks.

You are going to love having classes near home. BC3 has locations in Brockway, Butler, Cranberry Township, Ford City, Hermitage and Union Township.

You are going to love accessing our 89 online courses. BC3 is ranked No. 13 in distance education among 117 Pennsylvania colleges and universities by

You are going to love learning. BC3 offers 55 two-year career and transfer programs, and 21 certificate and workplace certificate programs.

You are going to love attending the No. 1 community college in Pennsylvania. That’s where ranks BC3.

You are going to love our commitment to your success. Astonishing results of a 2014 Ruffalo Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory of BC3 revealed just that.

And you are going to love the possibility of sticking around. BC3 has partnerships with senior institutions that allow students to pursue bachelor’s degrees from our main campus in Butler.

You are going to love BC3.

And BC3 is going to love having you.
Dr. Nicholas C. Neupauer
President, Butler County Community College

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BC3's Strategic Plan 2010-2015

This plan describes the actions we will take to achieve and sustain our vision that "BC3 will become a regional institution of higher learning"

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BC3 Master Plan Project Breakdown

Campus Analysis and Master Plan information as been presented to the BC3 Board of Trustees, the BC3 Education Foundation Board, faculty, staff, and administration of the BC3.

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The Economic Contribution of BC3

BC3 plays a significant role in the local economy and is a sound investment from multiple perspectives.