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KEYS - Keystone Education Yields Success

A program of the PA Department of Public Welfare in collaboration with the PA Commission for Community Colleges.

The KEYS Program at BC3 serves as a liason to students.

Let KEYS open the door to a brighter future for you and your family.

Who Is Eligible For KEYS?

Are you interested in attending BC3 and receiving services from the County Assistance Office? If so, you may qualify for additional support through the KEYS Program!

KEYS - The Smart Place To Start

Statistics show that individuals who earn a credit-bearing certificate or Associate degree earn more money through employment after graduation.

What is Keys?

The KEYS Program is designed to help TANF (Temporary Aid for Needy Families) and Food Stamp recipients succeed in community college. (There are limited slots for Food Stamp recipients. You will be put on a waiting list until a slot becomes available). KEYS helps you achieve your career goals by:

  • Providing career counseling, extra tutoring and academic support
  • Facilitating supportive services available through your County Assistance Office (CAO)
  • Advocacy to your County Assistance Office
  • Connecting the student to other community service agencies
  • Access to the KEYS' Laptop Loan Program and graphic calculators
  • Education Resources and Incentives
  • KEYS Computer Learning Center
  • Additional hours of tutoring

How Do You Enroll In KEYS?

If you are currently enrolled at BC3 and receiving TANF, contact the KEYS Office at BC3--contact information in right sidebar of webpage--or ask your CAO Caseworker about KEYS.

If you recieve TANF or Food Stamps and are not enrolled at BC3, talk to your Caseworker at the CAO before enrolling in case you may be eligible for support services and/or the KEYS Program.

KEYS Forms

Attendance Sheet

KEYS Support Services Request

KEYS Support Services - Butler County

Mileage Form - Armstrong County

Mileage Form - Butler County

Mileage Form - Lawrence County

Mileage Form - Mercer County


You May Be Eligible to Receive

Issued by CAO

  • Child care
  • Transportation
    • Mileage payment for use of auto
    • Payment for public transportation
    • Taxi fare
  • School/training registration fee
  • Books and school or training supplies
  • Test fees
  • Clothing and uniform
  • Equipment/tools needed for school/training
  • Car purchases
  • Car repair
  • Motor vehicle operator fees
    • Driver's License
    • License plates
    • Vehicle registration
    • Vehicle inspection
    • Emission control fees
  • Union dues or professional fees
  • Adult dependent care costs















Karen Jack
KEYS Program Facilitator
724.287.8711 Ext 8378
Fax: 724-284-8506


Carla Schoentag
KEYS Student Facilitator
724.287.8711 Ext 8489
Fax: 724-284-8506


Catherine Baranowski
KEYS Secretary
724.287.8711 Ext 8458
Fax: 724-284-8506




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